Sunday £20 kid fix

Sunday £20 kid fix

Ah ha, Sunday again and the weather is wet, cold and dull! It’s days like today, where you may find your self-going stir crazy and wondering the hell to do that doesn’t cost a fortune….Well here is a list of a few things we like to do on rainy days:


Kitchen Karaoke


  1.  Microphone, hairbrush or some form of apparatus to use as a microphone
  2.  Phone, Stereo or both
  3.  Youtube, Spotify or Apple music


Let your child choose the music, put it on your chosen sound system, dance and sing. That is it.I am currently playing kitchen karaoke, whilst writing this blog and getting my daily exercise. However, not too sure where the maniacs get their taste in music from…it has gone from heavy metal to religious school hymns and now we are currently on ‘the sound of music’ playlist. ‘Doh, a dear a female dear….”.


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Mini Fashionistas


  1. Your clothes
  2. Your child
  3. Jewellery


This one isn’t just for girls, even the boys (well, my nephews) like to get involved in mini fashionistas!

Put a pile of your clothes on the floor and then let your children get dressed up. I must admit, I patted myself on the back for coming up with this one, YES.. I may have had ONE messy room, BUT every time we play this game, it lasts around 2 hours, I receieve a mini fashion show, which gives me the chance to either RELAX or clean the house! WINNING!!!!


Make your mark!


  1. Washable felt tips or pens. 
  2.  A back


Again, pat on the back to me for this one, as this one is particularly good if you are hung over, sick or tired…and let us be honest if you have kids, you’re always tired! 

Give your child the felt tips and tell them that you are going to guess what they are drawing on your back, then lie down, REEEELAX and let them get creative.

This works especially well for kids that can’t actually draw, as you can be there for hours trying to guess what the hell they are drawing and it feels very therapeutic at the same time.

(PS – that is the loch-ness monster, not a penis –  I had a hot sweat untill she told me what it was)


Lie through cinema


  1. A bed 
  2. A laptop, TV, or anything you can play a film on.
  3. Snacks


I’m on a roll today, again, the mini maniacs love watching a film in bed, its as if they are doing something that shouldn’t be….by staying in bed for an extra two hours. Oh, those rebels!  Just put a film on, give them some snacks and let them enjoy it! 



I used to feel so guilty if I didn’t manage to do something big at the weekend with the girls, I put an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself. However, this resulted in a ‘pig stye’ style house, a grumpy Jessica because the house was a pig stye and children who expected to do something big every weekend.

It’s just not attainable and sometimes, I found the kids  just wouldn’t or couldn’t appreciate a day out as they were shattered from a full week of school and learning

Then it dawned on me, just like we like to relax and not do anything, so do kids now and again. And actually, by doing the above, I found it taught my children that you can have fun with the most simple of things and you can make games out of nothing. 


Lots of Love 

Jess x #MotherOfManiacs

No shame with the ‘single mum’ label.

No shame with the ‘single mum’ label.

Well, I read an article on the Daily Mail and nearly spat my cup of tea out! It was about an interview with Ferne McCann and OK! magazine and the headline read how she: “refuses to be labelled a ‘single mum’” …as if there is shame attached with becoming a single parent?

Now, I understand that Ferne won’t quite understand the statement just yet, nor will she understand how she will have offended MANY single mums out there. 

She probably thinks that the statement is empowering for women. But, after experiencing life as a single mum – I strongly disagree. The term single mum is something you can own. From worrying where you are going to get money from to pay the bills and raising a child/children alone, to finding time to be able to work, spend time with your kids and fit in some “you time”. Becoming a single parent consumes who you are. You try and overcompensate for the lack of the other parent … and I’m not just talking about single mums but single parents, in general.

For a long time after the split, you feel guilt-ridden. You have constant questions that run through your mind of ‘is this the right thing’. 

You worry that the family you had has now broken up. You question what the long term effects of this split will mean for your child/children. The sad part is nobody (including Ferne) WANTS to be a single parent -feeling like a statistic, but sometimes situations just don’t work out among parents and the parent/parents decide to do what is best for the child/children. You worry you won’t have happy children.

I, like many single parents, chose to embrace being a single parent, because that is what I was. Although it was not ideal, or initially what I wanted, I am SO proud of what I have achieved raising three children under the age of three, while single.

Ferne is a mum-to-be who is single but until you have that baby in your arms and until you experience life as a single parent, you will never truly know what it is like to be a single parent. I realise that may sound condescending but before you have children, you assume that you know what it’s like to have children, because you’ve looked after your nieces, nephews or friends’ kids.

Trust me, you don’t! 24/7, 365 days a year is different to a two-hour stint. Even being pregnant and feeling the love you have for your unborn child, you still don’t know what it’s like until you have the sole responsibility for the child that you are parenting. 

For many single mums and dads out there, the struggle is real! I am not claiming to be an expert or forcing my opinion on others, but I can speak from my own experience and from the parents at my children’s school who are single. Whilst I appreciate that everyone’s situation is different – some single parents having a 50/50 split, others get no help from their ex and some are financially supported, others aren’t. Every single parent’s situation is unique to them.

What we have in common is that the majority of single parents have all been on an emotional journey and a struggle, but are proud that they have coped in the face of adversity. When the road seemed to be spiralling downhill, they hiked up that bloody hill – bare foot! And through that journey, they have grown confidence in their own ability as a single parent and don’t feel that they are ‘labelled’. Instead, they feel empowered through their own actions and abilities.

I have a lot of respect, empathy, and support for Ferne. Through no fault of her own, she has had to make probably the hardest decision of her life choosing to become a single parent! But with that ‘label’, she will also have the chance to inspire others, who are in shitty situations with their partners to be brave, to be bold and to do something about it.

Ferne is incredibly lucky to be in a position to be able to inspire others and let them know that being a single parent isn’t shameful – sometimes it’s the only option you have. I believe that embracing the label she has been ‘given’, will help remove the stigma that still surrounds that label. It is not a shameful label, it is a label of courage, determination and will. All three things that Ferne has.

Much love 


Jess #MOMlife

Thank you Loose Women

Thank you Loose Women

I was sat on the train back from London, after being asked to go on loose women to raise awareness about grieving children.

At first, I  felt sick at the thought of opening up the world I had been living in for the past couple of months,  as this would be the first time speaking in public about the death of my children’s father.

I started to think about our lives, realising we are not the only people in this situation. But every night, for hours at a time, when you’re left holding your grieving children that you love completely, you do feel like the only person in this world going through this. For me, hearing stories of others that have been in a similar situation has helped me to come to terms with the future and what it means for my children.

When a death happens, so many people do not know how to deal with or react to it. This is even more so when it is a suicide or when there are children involved. So many people feel like they have to shy away or avoid those connected to the death, which, I understand may be difficult, as no one likes to probe a conversation about the loss for fear of upsetting the loved ones. When someone dies, people need to talk, you need to know people give a shit!

Talking and addressing feelings needs to happen, especially for children. It is ok to say to a child that has lost a loved one “I’m sorry someone you lost died, I’m thinking of you”, children need to hear words of support and to know that they can talk. But if we all walk around with our bloody heads in the sand, pretending everything is hunky dory – nothing will get resolved and can leave permanent damage.

Children are so much more attuned to things than we give them credit for, and children, more than anyone, are the ones that need to understand that it is normal and healthy to talk, because they do not carry the logic that we have as adults. 

Apart from free therapy from Jeff Brazier (I am joking there) I felt compelled to go on the show to help people understand/raise awareness for grieving children. It is important for people who are in similar situations to myself to know that they are not alone and there is help out there.

I want to thank Loose Women for having me,  Colleen, Nadia, Janet, Andrea and Jeff for handling this painful topic with love, grace and support. I was nervous, sad, anxious, all the feelings you don’t want to be when you are talking about something so important. So thank you. It was a cathartic experience. 

Two charities that have helped me are; The Samaritans and Winstons Wish 

The Samaritans, talked me through what was the best way to tell my children their father had died and the second charity was Winstons Wish , who are great with advice on how to handle such a delicate situation and a friendly voice. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my partner, Alex, for his continued support and love with my family. And also the messages of support and kindness.


Thank you 


Jess X


Ariba Ariba!

Ariba Ariba!

I have woken up yesterday,  literally feeling how I look in this picture. And FYI, yes I still do have the night before’s make-up on. 

However, feeling like utter sh!t, with my breath resembling that of dog poo, and my hair similar to that of a scarecrow, I can safely say it was definitely worth it. Although, I did attend a children’s party, which included jumping around like a maniac on a trampoline sweating the alcohol out of my system whilst refraining from vomiting on small children.

You see, I went to a Mexican themed charity night, to help raise £44,000 for a chap called Mark who suffers from MS.. Now the chances are if you are reading this blog post, you probably have kids, with it being a mum blog and all that. And if you don’t have kids, just imagine the below anyway, but close your eyes and think ‘child’hood pet instead.

But for all those parents, guardians or carers, I’d like you to take five minutes to just to look at your children, but I mean really look at them and just watch them for 5 minutes. Are you starting to feel how much you love them, and how much they love you back? Can you sense how much they need you and you need them? Now, can you think back to all the times you have taken them to the park, pushed them on a swing and how you may not have understood how lucky you are to be able to do something so simple as a visit to the park?

Think back to how many times you have been ‘too tired’ or used the line  ‘I think the parks closed today’ as an excuse not to do something so simple and small. Or even how many times you have chosen housework over time with the kids  (again, I used to be guilty of this, but after 6 years and three children, I have come to terms with I’m never going to have the Pinterest house I dreamt of, unless I bin all the kid’s toys, clothes, and games. Which I have been tempted to do. More than once.)

Have you, just like me, taken kicking a football, or playing tig, or hide and seek for granted? Just expected that you will always be able to do such things. I know I have, I haven’t even give it a second thought up until recently and reading Marks story.  

Imagine being told that you have MS, and that without treatment you won’t be able to do all the things I have mentioned in the above. I have known Mark for two years, and Mark is one of the of those guys who would help anyone, always smiling, and available to help anyone, and a guy you wouldn’t even know this was happening too if they didn’t need the funds. Mark just wants a chance to be able to do all those things we sometimes take for granted and give his two small children, Oliver and Laucian who are 8 and now 6 the dad they have known and will continue to know.

We take so many things for granted as parents and as human beings, and it is only in the face of adversity that we sit up, we listen and we change. 

Imagine, if that was you who needed the money for treatment, that is you watching your children and wondering with the ‘what if’s’. I can’t bear to imagine not being fit and healthy for my children, and I know I have taken the fact that I am for granted. Anyone who reads this, share it, donate to this page, tell your friends on social media about it. It is in moments like these when people pull together to get things done. So lets flipping do this and help to send Mark to Mexico for his treatment.


Think about how much money have you may have spent frivolously on coffee’s, chocolate, those bloody LOL’s in Tesco? 

Click here and bloody donate NOW! and press the share button!

Lots of love 

Jess #MOMboss

Chocolate for breakfast? Why the hell not!

Chocolate for breakfast? Why the hell not!

Hello everyone, Sam the foody blogger here. I hope you’re having a fabulous week?

So this week I’ve had a serious lack of food, lack of car, lack of hubby and a lack of supermarkets who lack the ability to drive down the bumpy track to my home. 

So awaiting my mum and sister to come to the rescue, I was questioning “what the hell am I going to feed my children for breakfast?”

I mean, to be honest, I could literally eat anything at anytime! So on this occasion with only having a few ingredients in my house, I decided on chocolate pudding and why the hell not. I mean, toast, who says you have to have toast and cereal, who says you have to have cereal. NOT ME!

breakfast parenting tip healthy breakfast

This recipe I call all the 2’s

Because, it’s a simple, quick, and delicious breakfast which only takes 2 minutes!


Almond milk (as much or as little as you prefer, we prefer a thick smoothie to eat out of a bowl – so use less for this)
2 x tablespoons of chia seeds
2 x tablespoons of Cacao powder
2 x dates (you can add more if you like it sweeter)
2 x small bananas
2 x halves of avocado (so basically 1 avocado, but that doesn’t fit in with all my ‘twos’)
2 x teaspoons of protein powder, any will do. We use an organic hemp version


Chuck it all into the blender!

TOP TIP *put the Almond Milk in first, so the powder doesn’t stick to the sides!

Blend on and off until you get the consistency you require which therefore = one happy child 👦🏽


Lots of Love 


Sam #MOM

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Let me introduce Sam.

Let me introduce Sam.

Hello Fellow #MOM 

My name is Samantha and I am a #MOMboss #motherofmaniacs. I have been lucky enough to have Jessica as a really amazing, gorgeous friend for many, many years and treasure the bond we share. (I paid her to say that – quote Jess). 

healthy eating, food blog uk top

I have two amazing little boys Sonny, 4 and Eddie, 2. I am extremely fortunate to be able to spend the majority of my time with them in between working my part-time job (twice a month) and running my own Neals Yard Organics business from home .❤  

Above all of this, my main passion is maintaining a simple, easy, healthy and alternative lifestyle for my family. Believing in the universe and the “Secret” there is nothing we can not achieve.

Here I’ll be sharing with you all things quick and scrumptious to fill your children full of wonderful nutrients to promote fabulous behavior and radiant health.


So, where to start….


The best way I have found to get my children eating and drinking goodness is to get them involved!

So here at #MOMSquad HQ we tackled a fresh juice!

Was this a good idea??

Haha…. Not going to lie we had quarrels over who chopped, who switched on the juicer, who picked the Vegetables! But, they absolutely loved it.

Many spilled shots and giggles along the way, However the end results were lots of nutrients in those little bods which equaled a Happy Mum and Happy Children ❤

3 Carrots, 3 Apple and Ginger  juice 

Simply wash Organic ingredients and pop in juicer 

Voila couldn’t be easier!


Lots of Love

Sam x