Ah ha, Sunday again and the weather is wet, cold and dull! It’s days like today, where you may find your self-going stir crazy and wondering the hell to do that doesn’t cost a fortune….Well here is a list of a few things we like to do on rainy days:


Kitchen Karaoke


  1.  Microphone, hairbrush or some form of apparatus to use as a microphone
  2.  Phone, Stereo or both
  3.  Youtube, Spotify or Apple music


Let your child choose the music, put it on your chosen sound system, dance and sing. That is it.I am currently playing kitchen karaoke, whilst writing this blog and getting my daily exercise. However, not too sure where the maniacs get their taste in music from…it has gone from heavy metal to religious school hymns and now we are currently on ‘the sound of music’ playlist. ‘Doh, a dear a female dear….”.


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Mini Fashionistas


  1. Your clothes
  2. Your child
  3. Jewellery


This one isn’t just for girls, even the boys (well, my nephews) like to get involved in mini fashionistas!

Put a pile of your clothes on the floor and then let your children get dressed up. I must admit, I patted myself on the back for coming up with this one, YES.. I may have had ONE messy room, BUT every time we play this game, it lasts around 2 hours, I receieve a mini fashion show, which gives me the chance to either RELAX or clean the house! WINNING!!!!


Make your mark!


  1. Washable felt tips or pens. 
  2.  A back


Again, pat on the back to me for this one, as this one is particularly good if you are hung over, sick or tired…and let us be honest if you have kids, you’re always tired! 

Give your child the felt tips and tell them that you are going to guess what they are drawing on your back, then lie down, REEEELAX and let them get creative.

This works especially well for kids that can’t actually draw, as you can be there for hours trying to guess what the hell they are drawing and it feels very therapeutic at the same time.

(PS – that is the loch-ness monster, not a penis –  I had a hot sweat untill she told me what it was)


Lie through cinema


  1. A bed 
  2. A laptop, TV, or anything you can play a film on.
  3. Snacks


I’m on a roll today, again, the mini maniacs love watching a film in bed, its as if they are doing something that shouldn’t be….by staying in bed for an extra two hours. Oh, those rebels!  Just put a film on, give them some snacks and let them enjoy it! 



I used to feel so guilty if I didn’t manage to do something big at the weekend with the girls, I put an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself. However, this resulted in a ‘pig stye’ style house, a grumpy Jessica because the house was a pig stye and children who expected to do something big every weekend.

It’s just not attainable and sometimes, I found the kids  just wouldn’t or couldn’t appreciate a day out as they were shattered from a full week of school and learning

Then it dawned on me, just like we like to relax and not do anything, so do kids now and again. And actually, by doing the above, I found it taught my children that you can have fun with the most simple of things and you can make games out of nothing. 


Lots of Love 

Jess x #MotherOfManiacs