Hello Fellow #MOM 

My name is Samantha and I am a #MOMboss #motherofmaniacs. I have been lucky enough to have Jessica as a really amazing, gorgeous friend for many, many years and treasure the bond we share. (I paid her to say that – quote Jess). 

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I have two amazing little boys Sonny, 4 and Eddie, 2. I am extremely fortunate to be able to spend the majority of my time with them in between working my part-time job (twice a month) and running my own Neals Yard Organics business from home .❤  

Above all of this, my main passion is maintaining a simple, easy, healthy and alternative lifestyle for my family. Believing in the universe and the “Secret” there is nothing we can not achieve.

Here I’ll be sharing with you all things quick and scrumptious to fill your children full of wonderful nutrients to promote fabulous behavior and radiant health.


So, where to start….


The best way I have found to get my children eating and drinking goodness is to get them involved!

So here at #MOMSquad HQ we tackled a fresh juice!

Was this a good idea??

Haha…. Not going to lie we had quarrels over who chopped, who switched on the juicer, who picked the Vegetables! But, they absolutely loved it.

Many spilled shots and giggles along the way, However the end results were lots of nutrients in those little bods which equaled a Happy Mum and Happy Children ❤

3 Carrots, 3 Apple and Ginger  juice 

Simply wash Organic ingredients and pop in juicer 

Voila couldn’t be easier!


Lots of Love

Sam x