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Simply Argan – Simply Amazing!

I am a skincare fanatic. I love anything to do with pampering my skin and I am always up for trying new lotions and potions! So when I got the chance to receive and review Simply Argan  I nearly bit their hand off for the chance as I had heard lots about the...

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Will we do anything for money?

Instagram and celeb endorsements are a brands dream. Never before did brands have such easy access to celebs, or could measure within minutes how influential celeb endorsements are. I am no different in wanting to use other celebs to endorse the products that I have...

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A great move in history

Today marks the day where some women were given the right to vote. 100 years ago women who were over the age of 30 and either owned land themselves or were married to men with property were given the right to vote. Part of me feels proud for this, but another part of...

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Meet our MumBoss Naomi from PicPoc

Hi! My name is Naomi. I’m first and foremost a Mummy but I’m also owner of PicPop ( – an online store for kids and Mums.   I sell a variety of kids’ accessories and most recently have developed my own natural wax candle range for Mums – The Mama...

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That Picture ?

Ok, Ok, so it is fair to say that my Kim Kardashian Instagram post got a fair bit of traction. 70% of the comments were in agreeance, 5% were neutral, 5% were asking why Instagram was parenting my friends child (yes, even I wondered if these comments were serious...

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Meet our Mummy Blogger Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte, a former party girl and now mother to two toddlers!  Until recently I was a full-time Primary school teacher striving to be the best teacher, mother and wife 24/7...but that wasn’t happening, something was going to give. I made the decision to...

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The Universal power pushed me into CBB

The start of the New Year, I decided that 2018 is going to be the year of health, wealth, happiness and abundance and that 2017 would be the year that taught me strength, compassion and an understanding of life. Now being a mother of three, pregnant, hormonal and 90%...

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Upside Down.

Let me introduce our guest blogger Zoe; Hi, I’m Zoe, 28, a mum of three, girlfriend and someone who wishes sometimes she had the career she trained for! The title is our life in a nutshell, although I’m sure that’s pretty much any parent’s life in a nutshell!...

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The beautiful truth about children.

The Beautiful Truth About Children Most couples want to have children together to enjoy starting a family and partake in parenthood. It can often be difficult to know what to expect when having kids for the first time. When you're pregnant or are expecting a child,...

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My thoughts on CBB so far!!!!

So I have been asked to do a column for and thought that I would also share it on my blog for a little bit of extra content! Celebrity Big Brother My thoughts so far! Absolutely loving the 'all women' line up, I mean come on when you decide to put...

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