The Beautiful Truth About Children
Most couples want to have children together to enjoy starting a family and partake in parenthood.
It can often be difficult to know what to expect when having kids for the first time. When you’re
pregnant or are expecting a child, there is a beautiful truth about kids that you’ll soon discover.
Kids are Often Picky Eaters
Many kids go through stages where they’re picky eaters and don’t want to touch what’s on their
plate. Once they’re 18 months old, they may play with their food and throw it on the floor instead
of eating it. It’s normal for each child to be different with
how much they eat each day. You’ll know that they’re healthy if they continue to grow and gain weight as they develop. Once the kids are old enough to communicate, you’ll need to decide if you want to give them options on what they eat or establish a rule that they need to eat what they’re served.
They’ll Make You More Selfless
Having children will transform your world as you learn to care for another person’s needs 24
hours each day. From changing diapers to teaching them how to ride a bike, you’ll learn to shift
your focus from yourself to your kids. It’ll be easier to put their needs before your own, which
can allow you become selfless over time. You’ll begin to have their best interest in mind when
changing careers or moving homes to ensure that they have the quality of life that they deserve.
They’re Honest
Many parents quickly discover how honest children are once the kids begin to talk and form
words. They’ll point, stare, and speak their mind while out in public, which can lead to
embarrassing moments and stories. Kids aren’t afraid to tell their parents what they think,
whether they don’t like an outfit you’re wearing or believe you are the best father in the world.
All Kids Throw Tantrums
Although it can be easy to judge other parents whose kids have a meltdown in the supermarket,
no parents are exempt from unexpected outbursts in public when children don’t get their way.
Whether it’s because its naptime or the child is going through the terrible twos, all kids throw
tantrums as they grow in their independence. You’ll need to find disciplinary actions to take to
teach them that the behaviour is unacceptable to ensure that they learn how to control their
They Make You Fall in Love
As difficult and challenging as parenthood is, you’ll still find yourself thinking about your kids
while you’re at the office or after you tuck them in bed at night. Although it’s challenging raising
children, most parents find themselves falling in love with their kids and discovering that life
becomes richer. It’ll be easy to talk about your children or post their pictures on social media
each day because you feel fulfilled and happy with their new presence in your life.
– By our first guest blogger Erica Johnson from
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