Firstly, this is my first blog post this week as I have been enjoying some quality (chaotic) time with the 3 queens and Alex, whilst sunning myself from “pure white” to “white”. Which is the depressive Truth, I usually bring a bottle of fake tan, but the bloody 150ml bottle and hand luggage didn’t get along.

Anyway, I felt compelled to tell you about a delightful little product that I picked up that has ensured sanity, all three kids in eyesight and actually be able to enjoy the sight seeing! So as an after thought, I thought “this is an interesting product to review” so here we are.

Now, if you, like me have that one friend that tells you just as you book your holiday that “you need to be careful, the country your going too is a known “children to order” country! WTF – who says that, a whole country generalised and FYI – I googled it and it ain’t true girlfriend) and if, like me, you also have that one child that seems to embody Ussain Bolt every time you leave the house – then let me introduce you too the ‘Adventure Belt’ – AKA: The God send!

Now Hatti, being the youngest is a bit of a wild card (She doesn’t give a bloody shit), and trying to pursede this child to do anything is like trying to convince a midwife that combination feeding IS GONNA BE OK. So I decided to embark on an Adventure belt journey – I can’t fathom those bloody awful children rains, or harnesses, if I wanted to feel like I was walking a dog, I’d buy a dog and a lead not a “child lead” – il pick up some biscuits for when she learns to sit too! 

However the Adventure belt is an all new ball game, Hatti absolutely loves it as she feels she is going on an adventure every time we wear it (bless her, getting breakfast every morning has been a real treat) and more to the point I actually felt quite “on trend” with this snazzy piece of equipment!

So what is the adventure belt?

The adventure belt is a safety belt that helps you keep an eye on your children whilst out and about. There are two waist belts, one that attaches to the child and one that attaches to the adult, with a stretchy belt that joins the two.

The waist belts are both adjustable and are suitable for children up to the ages of five. Although my 6 year old was sold on the fact the child’s belt has a “purse” (pouch) attached to it (as she parades around the hotel doing “mic drops”)

The adventure belt comes in 4 different colours – black, pink, blue and a panda pattern (my fave). I bought three belts, after hearing the “children to order” story. I haven’t used two, so I will be doing a competition for those of you who also hate “child leashes” and giving the other one away for a Christmas present!

Just in case you need a 10 minute breather…jokes.

This is the safety clipper – there is no chance your child is escaping.

What is good about the Adventure Belt?

One thing that I really liked about the adventure belt was that it literally felt like an adventure for Hatti (aged 3). I like to teach my children about independence but I also need them to be safe and respect what I’m saying, Which every three year old does obviously….

This was perfect for Hatti to feel like she was in control, when in reality, I am , and I have (mildly) manipulated her into thinking she is. Purely for my own selfish needs so I can enjoy the view, have hands free to enjoy a pina colado and also make sure she isn’t getting run over/kidnapped.

I also like that the strap that attaches the two belts is like a bungee rope, so if she does try to escape, I simply pull her back and “voila”! She pings straight back to me, which is in return entertaining, reassuring and safe!

Where can I get the Adventure Belt from ?

Ah ha, you can purchase it here;

The delivery was super fast and the prices range from £14.99 – £27.99 ! (Price is £14.99 with discounted multipacks for twins).

So there we have it, if you have a child that enjoys to just run off, or going to a country that orders children or just want to enjoy your surroundings without your arm/hand/leg being pulled off, then from one parent to another (or guardian/baby sitter) GET THIS BLOODY PRODUCT – seriously even in the UK this belt is not leaving Hatti’s waist IDST! 

lots of love

Jess #Motherofmaniacs